We had been using Grant Maintenance Company, Inc., Dennis’s other company, to provide Joy Global with Building Maintenance and Janitorial Service starting in 1980. When Dennis formed Jade Security, Inc. in 1986 we very quickly hired Jade Security because of our very positive experience with Dennis & Grant Maintenance Company.

It turned out to be a very wise decision, and Joy Global was still using both Jade Security and Grant Maintenance Company at the time of my retirement in 2000. Not only did Jade Security and Grant Maintenance provide Joy Global with the best customer service in their respective industries, but Dennis and his staff provided the best customer service of any vendor in any business that I had experienced in all my years working in purchasing. I would highly recommend Jade Security, Inc.

Larry Williams
Purchasing Manager
Joy Global


I have been dealing with service providers for over 30 years. We utilized both Jade Security, Inc. and Grant Maintenance Company, Inc., Dennis’s other company. Both companies provided us with exceptional service. Dennis and his staff genuinely care about their clients. I would definitely recommend Jade Security.

Tom Ritchie
Facilities Manager
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Compa


I have had a very positive relationship with Jade Security, Inc. since their inception back in 1986. They always provide a very consistent high quality service. They have the best overall customer service in the business that I have experienced. Dennis and his staff truly care about the customer and the service they provide. I highly recommend Jade Security, Inc.

David P. Hughes
Global Director of Human Resources
PPG Industries, Automotive Coatings Division


Jade Security provides an excellent service. Their officers are always very professional, and their service is always consistent. An extremely well managed company.

Scott McLaughlin
National City Bank


I have had a relationship with Jade Security since they first opened an office here in Myrtle Beach in 1997. They always provide a very good service at a fair price.

Michael La Vigna
The Market Place
Myrtle Beach


Good guards, very good support, execellent rates, great company! I would highly recommend the services of Jade Security. They deliver a reliable quality service that is also budget friendly. Give Dennis a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Mike Fanelli
Chicora Association Management