Helpie FAQ

  • I am currently in the middle of a security contract. Can I still switch to Jade Security Inc.?

    Yes! Although most contracts have an effective date and expiration date, dissatisfaction on your part is usually reason enough to terminate any agreement.

  • Do you carry the necessary insurance required by the laws of South Carolina?

    Yes! Jade Security is fully insured, bonded and licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Department. In addition, all our guards are SLED certified.

  • Does Jade Security, Inc. offer more than “just security guards?”

    Yes! We are a full service company. We can supply equipment to meet customer needs. We can provide undercover surveillance. We can handle investigations and we also provide flagging service for construction and other road crews.

  • What makes Jade Security, Inc. better than anyone else?

    In our minds, it’s simple! Our people and our service. People that care about their job and are willing to learn, are the kind of people we look for. Whenever possible, prior military and retired police officers are used. No one is simply hired over the phone. All guards are fingerprinted and extensive background checks are conducted. We provide 24 hour management support, no answering machines!

  • Will it cost me less to use Jade Security, Inc. in comparison to another security guard company?

    Not necessarily. Our rates are designed to provide you with a quality service. Our prices are competitive but always based on allocating the manpower and support necessary to fulfill our obligations to you in a first class manner.