About Us

Jade security, Inc. is a locally owned coampany with vast experience servicing customers ranging from Mom & Pop owned businesses to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Our History

In addition to operating Jade Security, Inc., Dennis and Sheree Stancoven also operated Grant Maintenance Company, Inc. (A Building Maintenance & Janitorial Service) for 21 years in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area. Grant Maintenance was the 2nd largest, privately owned, Maintenance and Janitorial Company in the area. It is not common to find someone who has operated both security and maintenance services at the same time.

Grant Maintenance serviced similar Fortune 500 companies as did Jade Security and, in fact, many times the companies provided services to the same client. Together the companies employed a combined total of over 700 people. In addition to our security experience, this extensive Maintenance experience has become a great asset for our security clients.

The maintenance experience allows us to train our security officers to have a level of maintenance and safety awareness others cannot. In addition to their security functions our officers are always on the look out for maintenance and safety issues to add to their reports.

In today’s world where the common attitude seems to be, who can we sue next, and for what, this is extremely important! It helps you to not only have a secure place, but a better maintained and safe place as well!